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Yuval Plada Law Firm provides commercial and real estate services to companies, businesses and self-employed employees, of the highest standard of service. We believe in personal service and great familiarity with the client, guide companies and projects throughout their entire proceeding, and provide ongoing consulting on all legal aspects pertaining to the business.

Adv. Plada is involved in every case down to its smallest details, in order to ensure that work is done in the most professional manner, and achieves the best achievements. Our professional standards, love for this profession, and the comprehensive services provided to each and every client, grant our firm its success in this sector. We would be happy to be at your service and provide you too with advice and representation.

Our firm is in the BDI index of the leading firms in the fields:
Real Estate Lawyer
Collection Attorney
Commercial Lawyer

About the firm and its areas of practice

The firm, under the direction and management of Adv. Yuval Plada (having long experience of many years since 1997) includes a team of lawyers specializing in the various fields the office engages in, interns, and an administrative staff, and provides legal services in the fields of commercial and civil law.

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Office staff

Adv. Yuval Plada

Adv. Merav Plada

Adv. Hila Mizrahi

Adv. Ayala Rotnemer

Rivka Ickovics - Rosen, Adv.

Moran Yaniv, Jurist

Office Manager, Naama Sapir


Liron Lazarovici, Adv.

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