Yuval Plada Law Firm provides notary services to business, commercial, self-employed and private entities, in both the Hebrew and English languages. These services include document verification services, document authoring, depositions, translations, wills and more.

An apostille stamp is provided by the court or the Foreign Ministry. The purpose of such apostille certificate/stamp is to support the verification process of documents required for use in other countries. The requirement for an apostille certificate/ stamp originates from an international treaty, the 1961 International Hague Convention Treaty. The treaty is signed by almost all countries of the European bloc, the USA, Africa, a number of countries in Latin America, the Ukraine and, of course, the State of Israel (the list of countries that signed the treaty is available on the Ministry of Justice website). Prior to receiving an apostille certificate/ stamp, a notarized certificate must be obtained for the relevant document. This procedure may vary, depending on the type of document required, the required use of the document, and the country to which it is intended. It is recommended to consult a notary to ascertain what steps and certificates are required.

The cost of notary services is in accordance with the rates prescribed by law, published by the Ministry of Justice.


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