Realty / Real Estate – Land Law

Yuval Plada Law Firm has extensive experience and reputation in providing legal guidance services to developers and companies, including full legal guidance throughout the entire procedures in the real estate areas. Beyond the extensive legal knowledge, the firm’s attorneys are characterized by extensive familiarity with both the local and the global real estate sector, and have the knowledge required to provide the most professional and suitable legal service to each and every client.

Our firm provides extensive services to companies in the variety of fields and areas relating to real estate, including the handling of compensation claims for land damage, representation and negotiation in cases relating to land acquisition and the establishment of joint ventures, full legal guidance for projects in the field of housing, commerce, and rental properties, financing agreements, streamlining and handling of contracts with various subcontractors, designers and consultants, drafting of sales and rental agreements, handling all registration procedures vis-a-vis the Israel Land Administration and Land Registry, contractor registration, representation before the various tax authorities, and representation in lawsuit due to construction defects.

As an office that also provides legal services in the fields of commerce and real estate, we provide our clients, along with current legal requirements, with the most professional linkage between the various areas.

We believe in personal service and deep familiarity with the client, we guide companies and projects throughout the entire proceeding. Adv. Plada is involved in every case, down to its smallest details, in order to ensure that the work is done in the most professional manner, while ensuring the best possible achievements.

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